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Sebastopol Growers, Inc.

About Us

In 1985, Sebastopol Growers started as a small, wholesale nursery in Sebastopol, CA. The original owners moved the business to the outskirts of Santa Rosa, CA in 1990 to a bigger location where there would be more room to expand and increase not only the amount of plants being grown, but to also increase the number of plant varieties.


During the summer of 2008, Sebastopol Growers changed owners and became Sebastopol Growers, Incorporated. Emphasizing the same mission statement that has carried the company for over 24 years, we strive to grow a large variety of high quality ornamental plants for landscapers and retail nurseries in many counties surrounding the Bay Area.


Sebastopol Growers, Inc. continues to be a wholesale grower of premium quality plants. Our plants get type-specific care from the very start to ensure that we provide superior plant products that exceed retail quality expectations. Sebastopol Growers, Inc. features 14 greenhouses, a 6,000+ square-foot shade plot and our open field (partially shown in the picture above) that features 15 (and growing)-5,000 square-foot blocks of beautiful plants. We currently carry plants in 4-Inch, 1, 2, 5, and 15 gallon containers. We also added 24" boxes to our inventory.




3990 Piner Road, Santa Rosa, CA , 95401          Phone (707) 546-6330            Fax (707) 546-6331              Email: [email protected]            

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